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Welcome MailChimp as a Revolve Conference Sponsor

Welcome MailChimp as a Revolve Conference Sponsor

MailChimp is one of the more well-known email marketing service providers available for businesses today. For businesses large or small, MailChimp provides a comprehensive online email marketing solution at a freemium, or at reasonable pricing relative to individual organizational needs.

MailChimp is a boon for the technically challenged, time strapped and resource restricted. It bridges the gap between businesses and their potential consumers by nullifying the need to have dedicated servers, in-house web/email marketing designers and data analysts. The software is user friendly and adaptable, facilitates subscriber management, sends emails, tracks results and integrates well with a multitude of other applications.

Marketing Automation

MailChimp’s automation features go a step further by providing the power of enterprise-level automation without any of the headaches. With these features, MailChimp takes the guesswork out of a variety of common automation tasks, such as:

  • Instantly sending welcome emails to new customers
  • Personalizing emails based on customer interests
  • Providing product recommendations based on previous purchases
  • Sending emails based on behavioural targeting, or a customer’s website activity

It allows you to get started with pre-built Workflows, then customize triggers and list segments as marketing needs change.

MailChimp Pro

MailChimp recently introduced MailChimp Pro, which the company describes as ‘the most powerful set of tools we’ve ever built . . . for our most forward-thinking customers’MailChimp Pro adds a robust set of features including Multivariate Testing, Comparative Reports, Compliance Insights, Delivery Insights, Priority Support, and Stop Delivery.

Discover more about this Atlanta, Georgia based company, and what it has to offer at its website – MailChimp.com.

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Revolve Conference attendees are designers, creators, marketing professionals, content strategists, and other talented individuals of all stripes making an impact in the creative industry. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Revolve Conference, please take a moment to view the Sponsorship Guide.

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