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Welcome Tito as a Revolve Conference Sponsor

Welcome Tito as a Revolve Conference Sponsor

Tito is a web-based tool used by organizations to manage their events, easily sell tickets, update event webpages, and collect information from attendees.

Choose a Tito pricing plan based on the size of your event. Once you’ve created an account, you can immediately get to work customizing your event homepage. Add a logo, text, banner, and map to the page. (You also have the option to use a custom domain.) Next up, it’s time to start selling some tickets. Embed Tito’s ticket form into your own website using a Javascript snippet, and style the form any way you choose.

Tito offers flexibility by accepting discount codes and private links to secret tickets. You can even run your event as a lottery, providing tickets at random to would-be attendees. Event attendees can pay for their tickets online and download their purchased tickets as PDFs. Tito can also generate iOS Passbook tickets with every order.

Thanks to its integration with Lanyrd, Tito users can easily pull schedules and speaker information onto their own event webpages. They can also manage events collaboratively with colleagues and export custom data and purchase information as CSV files. Organizations with more advanced needs also have the option to use a ticket purchase webhook together with Tito’s API.

Visit Tito’s website to learn more about what they offer – http://ti.to

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