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Workshop Spotlight: Designing (N)Credible Studies – A Research Framework

Designing (N)Credible Studies - A Research Framework

Qualitative research can be daunting to potential consumers of the findings. The overwhelming nature of research leaves it vulnerable to being cut, or being confusing. But, regardless of where your specialty falls in the Product Lifecycle – Concept, Production, Marketing or Sales – your function is impacted by answers to questions that could be addressed by research. These answers might determine whether or not a product is produced, how it is positioned in the market, whether or not it sells, and just how profitable it is.

Who Can Benefit From This Workshop

Non-Researchers:  As someone who needs answers to questions about how their product is being used by consumers in the market (a product marketing leader, or product developer etc.), sometimes, the qualitative research process may be a mystery to you. You know you need answers, but you might not be sure about how talking to people could help you get those answers. By attending this workshop – you will be better equipped to ask incisive questions, and contribute towards a meaningful research study. By attending this workshop, you will learn the mindset and mechanics to be a strategic research contributor, and a sophisticated research consumer. You will learn how to reflect, and align on the seemingly scattered questions you have about the people you serve and their needs.

Researchers:  User Researchers, UX Designers, Freelance Researchers or Qualitative Research Consultants, will walk away from this workshop better equipped to craft organized studies that bring clarity to details. Attendees will also learn how to expose and prioritize the details that will best benefit the organization.

Take a detailed look at what you’ll learn in this workshop

What Qualifies Meena & Zarla to conduct this workshop?

Meena Kothandaraman is an Experience Strategist with more than 25 years of professional consulting experience in the areas of customer experience strategy and research.  She is known for studying, and translating customer realities and aspirations across product, space and service. Meena believes that the research process fosters inspiration, and that the research itself acts as a conduit to organizations by providing inspiration to internal teams through real consumer stories and the practice of empathy. Throughout her research, she emphasizes the strategic value of balancing the needs of the people consuming the experience, with those creating it.

Zarla Ludin is an applied Anthropologist and Experience Specialist who excels at developing studies designed to organize teams, align thinking, and build deeper connections with people’s lived realities. She draws from social science source disciplines to describe, interpret, and potentially solve problems for businesses and communities.  Zarla has a background in project management, professional development, and cross-disciplinary mentorship which allows her to grasp complex concepts quickly, ask incisive questions, and help clients reflect on their research needs. She is comfortable collaborating with industrial designers, engineers, and interaction designers in fields ranging from healthcare and finance, to e-commerce in user research studies to improve website design, navigation, and content.

The Ladies of twig+fish will present a framework and a process for rethinking and redesigning the research study, and share how to work towards credible research studies that align all consumers of research on a common goal. Regardless of your background, take advantage of this (N)Credible Workshop to learn about representing the human element in your business!

This full-day workshop, led by Meena Kothandaraman and Zarla Ludin of twig+fish takes place on October 26, 2016 at Sterling Hall, 560 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403

  • Morning session (Part 1):  9:00am – 12:15pm
  • Afternoon session (Part 2): 1:30pm – 4:00pm

Lunch is not included, but the venue sits in close proximity to a host of restaurants in the upper historic district of the City of Charleston.

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