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Workshop Spotlight: Get Control of Your Pricing and Sales Pipeline in One Day

Get Control of Your Pricing and Sales Pipeline in One Day

Are you struggling to keep your business afloat? Considering starting an agency or freelance practice? Then this one day workshop is for you!  Regardless of where you are on the business life cycle spectrum, this workshop will help you master the fundamentals that can either make or break your business.

In one day, learn how to streamline your marketing, operations, and finances to get you on track and laser-focused in four key areas: how you operate; who your target clients are; how to price your work; and how you stop the crazy revisions and scope creep cycle.  Step by step, we’ll practice how to get clients fast, get repeat business, and leverage the right tools to become profitable and stable for years to come.

Here’s a detailed look at what you’ll learn in this workshop

What Qualifies Brad Weaver to conduct this Workshop?

Brad Weaver is the Chief Experience Officer at Nine Labs.  His areas of proficiency include, (but are not limited to) pricing strategy, branding and marketing.  As a business owner, Brad struggled with the administrative side of things, particularly with pricing his work.  After narrowly avoiding bankruptcy, and conducting extensive research, he realized that there just wasn’t an industry validated resource available that would give him a practical, tried-and-true pricing strategy specifically tailored for creative businesses.  So, to totally understate the process – he fumbled around in the dark, and by trial and error came up with strategies that worked for him. Over time he began to share his insights with friends, who after adopting his strategies found a measure of success. … The ultimate tangible result being the Creative Truth, a book authored by Brad that details the right way to start, and build a profitable design or creative business.

Skip the Fumbling Around in the Dark step; learn from Brad’s tried and true experience! Leverage this one day in your busy schedule to make a marked improvement in your operations and bottom line!

Other Information

This Full day Workshop takes place on October 26, 2016 at Sterling Hall, 560 King Street, Charleston, SC 29403, in two sessions:

  • Morning session (Part 1):  9:00am – 12:15pm
  • Afternoon session (Part 2): 1:30pm – 4:00pm

Lunch is not included, but the venue sits in close proximity to a host of restaurants in the upper historic district of the City of Charleston.

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