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Our Favorite Rooftop Bars in the City of Charleston

View from The Watch

While in Charleston to learn and open your mind to new ideas from the best of the best in the digital marketing field, treat yourself to a cocktail at one of our favorite rooftop bars tonight—you deserve it!

Get a bird’s eye view of Charleston from the city’s best rooftops bars, here:

  • Stars: A small but gorgeous rooftop bar on Upper King, ideal for cocktails and company on warmer nights (but windy on chilly ones).
  • Cocktail Club: You won’t find panoramic views at this rooftop (it’s uncovered but has a fence around the exterior), though you will find the Charleston best cocktails here—all served in funky vintage-style glassware.
  • The Watch at Restoration Hotel: The newest addition to Charleston’s rooftop scene, The Watch is a restaurant-bar hybrid serving up some serious Southern classics, along with some of the upper peninsula’s best sunset views.
  • Market Pavilion Hotel: A Nitrotini by the rooftop pool? If that’s your style, you’ll find it here atop the Market Pavilion Hotel on East Bay.
  • The Rooftop at Vendue Hotel: Close to the water and just off of East Bay, The Rooftop at The Vendue Hotel is a solid choice for drinks and apps up high, to start or end your night out downtown.

Photo Credit: A view from The Watch at Restoration Hotel by Laura Geror

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