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Saturday Night Shenanigans: WeFood – Divali Edition

Saturday Night Shenanigans: WeFood Event - Divali Edition

What is WeFood:

WeFood is a world-inspired backyard lime (gathering) for old and new friends to mingle and connect while sharing food, drinks and listening to music.  Food served at the monthly event reflects the cosmopolitan diversity of the twin-island country of Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). November’s WeFood event will highlight the East Indian heritage of Trinidad and Tobago (Trinbago) and celebrate the Hindu festival of lights – Divali.

The WeFood Experience

A WeFood event brings the Trinbago art of liming to the Lowcountry.  Once you get yourself situated in the ‘Bago Shack the magic of the gathering takes control.  Day to day stresses and concerns slide away as you relax and live in the moment.  We can’t say exactly what creates the vibe – gathering around the fire, the endless conversation, or the music, but we’d like to think that the free-flowing food and drink contribute to the WeFood Experience.

Sharing is caring. Bring your favorite drink. We provide ice, water, sodas, and some adult beverages.  

About the Host

Jason Duncan is a native of Trinidad and Tobago, a country known for being a melting pot of cultures, where the food is as diverse as the people. In 1996, Jason moved to Charleston to attend the College of Charleston. While at college, Jason and fellow expats from T&T grew homesick for Trinbago food, and out of necessity and practice, Jason discovered a love for cooking and baking.  His personal twist on seasoning, in tandem with the exotic spice palette of T&T, results in unique and delectable home-style dishes.

Join us for the WeFood Event – Divali Edition

  • On:   November 10, 2018
  • From:   6:30 pm to 11:30 pm
  • Food will be Served Buffet Style from 7:00 pm
  • Cost:  $15
  • At:  The ‘Bago Shack – 1358 Coosaw Drive, Charleston SC 29407
  • Menu:  See it Here!


  • The Shack is a 10-minute drive from the Charleston Marriott.  Parking is at a premium, so we suggest carpooling or using Uber/Lyft.
  • Eventbrite Registration now available!
  • If you have questions, reach out to Jason (Jason@bakecharleston.com).  Expect email responses after 8 pm

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