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See, Sip and Sample: Where to Find Local Beer in Charleston

See, Sip and Sample: Where to Find Local Beer in Charleston

You’ve heard about it, so now that’ll you’ll be here, it’s time to try out Charleston’s local beer scene after the conference! We may be a small city, but Charleston’s craft beer culture has grown rapidly over the past decade, and continues to produce more impressive beers each year.

Want to hit all of Charleston’s best beer bars? You’ve got your work cut out for you. Here’s where to find some of Charleston’s best breweries and brew pubs—all a short walk or Uber ride from the conference venue at Sterling Hall. Note, there’s also a long list of planned breweries and brew pubs to keep in mind.

Breweries You Can Walk To

Go straight to the source—that’s always good advice. There are over a dozen standout craft breweries in Charleston, and two within a short walk (or drive) from Revolve’s homebase.

Opt for Revelry’s brand new rooftop deck and patio on a warmer evening (or sunny afternoon), and enjoy live music on the “loading dock” at Palmetto every Friday. Recently updated and converted into a brand-new brew pub, Lagunitas TapRoom & Beer Sanctuary.

Upper King & Beyond

After the conference, skip across the street to Closed for Business a cozy beer spot with an impressive lineup of the best craft breweries in the industry right now.

The Griffon, with money-covered walls (yes, really), and a perfectly divey atmosphere, rounds up the East Bay area along with the Craftsmen Tap House. Adventurous beer lovers will die for the fruity sours at Edmund’s Oast—one of Charleston’s best restaurants who happens to dabble quite well into making their own outstanding beers.

Photo Credit: Chrys Rynearson

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