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Stellar Reasons to Attend Revolve!

Stellar Reasons to Attend Revolve!

You’ll find that REVOLVE addresses and embraces the unique community created by the inherently symbiotic Design, User Experience, Business and Mar-tech fields.  It therefore stands to reason, that in addition to occupation-specific enlightenment, you’ll gain insights into the ‘why’ and ‘how’ the other featured disciplines impact your career path.  With the actionable takeaways built into the various sessions, expect to glean helpful career advice, even as you engage in both personal and professional development.  That said, here are just a few reasons we encourage you to attend Revolve:

To Learn

REVOLVE is an excellent an opportunity to quickly level up your core competencies.  Our speakers (your peers and industry leaders), bring years of experience and insight to bear on their presentations; along with a passion for sharing what they’ve learnt.  Expect to receive hype-free pointers, learn new techniques, be exposed to unpublished data and that speaker who hadn’t yet crossed your radar.

To Exchange Ideas

REVOLVE provides a forum that facilitates an exchange of ideas that may enhance not only your own work, but that of fellow attendees. You’ll have the opportunity to ask presenters questions about their work and the rationale behind it, which you can’t do when reading articles.  Whether you’re at REVOLVE in the capacity of sponsor, speaker or general attendee, it’s good practice to talk about what you do with people from similar, related and/or completely different disciplines. Presenting on, or conversing about the work that you do will make you more confident, and possibly give you a new perspective on your work.  At a conference you have the opportunity to get feedback on your work from people who have never seen it before and may provide new insight.

To Meet and Embrace Your Tribe:

  • Actually Meet People:  It’s one thing to connect online, and yet another to meet and socialize face-to-face.  In-person interactions add depth and complexity to previously one-dimensional correspondence. Whether you are an industry icon, a community newbie; or first time presenter, you may meet someone between sessions, or at one of REVOLVE’s many social gatherings, and make a connection that could dramatically impact you personally and/or professionally.
  • Make Resourceful Connections:  Expect to rub shoulders with top-notch designers, out-of-the-box thinkers, brilliant marketing technologists and shrewd business strategists.  Without a doubt, you will be challenged, inspired, and empowered to move your ideas from concept to execution. Simply put, REVOLVE is an ideal place to extend your professional network as you will meet people from diverse geographical areas, who share a common/diverse discipline.
  • To Solicit Business:  People need people! REVOLVE is the place where Design & Creativity meets (and meshes with) Marketing & Strategy!  From speakers to attendees, sponsors and organizers to event staff, you’re sure to encounter crème de la crème business opportunities.

A Great Way to End/Start a Humdrum Week:

Come for the Weekend, Stay for the Conference!  The Holy City is meant to be experienced, so take the opportunity to escape whatever four walls constitute your work space.  Come alone or plan strategically for a mini-vacation in the Lowcountry with family or friends, and while you’re here, see a bit of how the locals live, and soak up some of that southern charm and cuisine.

Location, Location, Location

Charleston, South Carolina known for its old world charm, history and cuisine is the hometown of Revolve Conference.  While you’re here, you may want to explore the City Market, local beaches, and experience a little of what the Lowcountry has to offer.

Immerse yourself in Lowcountry culture!  If you’re a foodie; outdoor enthusiast or history buff, fancy yourself an art connoisseur, or shopaholic – Charleston’s got something to suit you. If walking tours are your thing, there’s a variety to choose from.  In short, think of REVOLVE as Your custom-made opportunity to combine business enlargement and professional development, with a much needed sanity break!

Request a FREE Visitors Guide from the Charleston Visitors Bureau to get a jump on your planning. (Allow 7 to 10 business days for domestic delivery) While you’re waiting for delivery, you can preview the digital guide.

You’ll find that at REVOLVE we breathe (and facilitate) a culture of constant learning, building and sharing.  We’re all about the 3 C’s – providing quality Content; and creating a space where meaningful Connections can be fostered, all with the goal of building Community!

Embrace the REVOLVE EXPERIENCE, we encourage playing in the Lowcountry for the weekend!

Some Tips (with slight modifications) Courtesy Linked Curtis & Coulter Article.

About Revolve Conference

Revolve Conference is the flagship event for those either making, or hoping to make an impact in the creative industry. The conference brings together extraordinary speakers and practitioners from around the country in user experience, design, marketing, business operations, digital project management and content strategy.

Bring your curiosity; appetite for Southern food; and your desire for a good time, because Revolve is more than ‘just another conference’.

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